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Handmade item

Delivery from a small business in United Kingdom

Necklace length: 40 Centimetres

Materials: Glass, Silver


Made to Order


Custom-made necklace with your sea glass. if you have your own meaningful piece you can send them in and I will built your own necklace using your seaglass for you. If you would like one of my sea glasses, I do have a lot of lovely ones you can pick from.

To send in your sea glasses:

I will let you know the delivery address after you have purchased the listing, you do have to cover the postage for sending the sea glass in.please wrap your sea glass in tissue and use any envelope you have. 1st Class UK delivery with a stamp will do just fine.Please allow up to a week for me to complete your necklace after I have received your sea glass, I’ll get your necklace shipped as soon as I finish it 😊

The length of the chain is 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 55cm and 60cm. The thickness is 1.3mm Trace chain, is made from 100% sterling silver.

Build-Your-Own Seaglass Necklace

  • All necklace comes with a cushion-lined Kraft gift box perfect for gifting!


    The sea glass necklace is made from sterling silver so it won’t irritate the skin or change colour. But I do recommend taking off your necklace in the shower and avoiding spraying perfume on/near the necklace. Follow the simple rules to keep your earrings bright and shiny! ✨

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